About Us

IOJO is a state-of-the-art fashion rental and buying platform. Irrespective of the occasions; be it a wedding, Cocktail, Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Pre-Wedding Shoot or any other occasional affair, IOJO offers you rental designer wear and premium brands at a very reasonable price which is much lower than its retail price. You need not be worrying anymore on researching best discounts on designer brands or waiting all the way to hit sale times. IOJO is one stop shop to rent best of the ethnic, Indo western and other festive wears procured from premium designers in the Industry.

IOJO ensures you feel it brand new each time you rent out. Nevertheless, the founding team behind IOJO are pioneers of the fashion industry all the way from manufacturing to designing of garments. Therefore, we understand the real need of our customers. Buying expensive clothes and not been able to utilize that Garment for long is a real pain for each one of us and that is the whole idea behind IOJO – Why to buy? When you can actually rent out an amazing ethnic piece at very reasonable price. Let the festivities be on year around and enjoy the luxury and power of renting.

IOJO offers free delivery, pickup and advance booking for all orders. IOJO also offers amazing subscription plans to stay connected with us forever. Our interesting subscription plans give access to its customers to rent out multiple garments over a period of time at a price never seen before. So, next time you want to look like a superstar or a celeb, look no further than IOJO. Explore IOJO and say no to “Repeat”. Enjoy wearing a new design by a new designer at every new occasion.


IOJO has a team of qualified designers and fashion experts in house who carry out enough research exploring latest trends in the industry and procuring best of the designs for its customers’ use. IOJO’s procurement team is on its job 24X7 year around and stands responsible for procuring the best for you.


Once the procurement is done, IOJO ensures to keep the garments under best conditions at all times. The objective is to deliver “Feel like a new product” at all times and therefore IOJO has heavily invested in creating the right infrastructure maintaining desired life for its garments.


IOJO is committed to evolve at all times. We can’t grow unless we evolve in real time in accordance with our customer needs. IOJO Is committed to bring on table the best of the garments by best of the designers with best of the trends in the industry and deliver the best for you.

To create a rental marketplace which gives its customers an access to premium and designer clothing on value for money model and ensuring best of the customer service. Enjoy the luxury and power of renting IOJO is being launched to bring on table the best of the designer wears and premium brands for your immediate use as rental commodity. This technology driven platform is a very user-friendly interface which lets you explore the complete range of our masterpieces over a click

Trust us, we have put in a lot of time and effort in the background researching best of the designs and designers for your need and this will go on. We will be working hard at all times to ensure we get the best for you. Explore around and I am sure you will love our creativity. We look forward to serve you forever. Enjoy the luxury and power of renting.

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